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Preseli Pony Trekking Store

If you enjoyed your ride with us and would like a lasting memory of your Preseli Pony Trekking visit, or maybe you would like to buy a gift for a loved one, then visit our on-line store. We have a range of clothing, bags and hats in various colours and to suit all budgets. To enter our Store please click button.... 


It's really easy to order, just click on an item, select the colour and size you would like, then add the item to your basket. Once you have finished your order, click on Checkout. 

Please note that Yazoo Personalised Clothing is a separate business to Preseli Pony Trekking and therefore we are not responsible for any incorrect orders, non-delivery, or any other problems or losses with your clothing order. If you have any problems with your order, please contact Yazoo Personalised Clothing directly.

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