Local History and the Stonehenge connection

The Preseli Hills or Mynydd Preseli are a mountain range in West Wales. Our farm is situated in the centre of the wild uplands at 200m above sea level. The highest peak in the Preseli Hills is Foel CwmCerwyn which overlooks us at 536m.

This is the ancient, magical land of Celtic mythology..... With links to King Arthur, The Mabinogion, Stonehenge and the Druids. The Preselis are probably best known for their links to the infamous Stonehenge Bluestones which were sourced from the Hills overlooking our farm. 

The local area is rich in ancient history with remnants of human occupation stretching back over 5000 years. Standing Stones, Burial Chambers and Stone Circles are commonplace and are scattered across the Preselis.

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Modern history has also left it's mark on the Preseli Hills. There are modern Standing Stones and remembrance plaques marking local events such as the Rebecca Riots, local poet Waldo Williams, the Battle of the Preselau, and the epic re-enactment of transporting a Bluestone to Stonehenge.  There are also several WW11 aviation crash sites to be found on the Hills. 


Photo kindly provided by Vicky Russant

Many of our riding routes follow historical roads and Drovers trails.... We are literally riding in the footsteps of our ancestors. We try to include as many historical sites as we can into our ride routes, but if there is something that you would particularly like to visit, then please ask and we can customise a ride route for you (subject to bookings).